Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back on the Grind

The semester is over so I will finally have time to update. There will be a lot of art added as well. I have a shit ton of new and exciting pictures from all over the world for your enjoyment, so keep checking back here often.


Dragon Flies are cool.

These are the Dunnys that protect the house and ward off evil spirits.

Radiohead, a piece by Matt Ketchum

Primary Creation, a piece by YoYo RIPs

Smut Trooper, a collaborative piece by Matt Ketchum and YoYo RIPs

Welcome to Atlanta

LA Greige (Model; Daniel Durnell)



Friday, May 1, 2009


People don't seem to know that you get the real image size if you click the picture. You all should try it, especially with the pictures of the exotic flowers (you can see the trichomes (crystals)).


Not only was the mold broken, but it was shattered.

Hello, my name is Paige Hunter. And yes,
I like to read... And who says smoking cant be hot?

Dear, Starbucks
I'll take a

check for $3,000,000.00 for the last 3 pictures, ya digg?

Model: Paige Hunter
(Encino, California)

Yeah Kids


This sign can be taken in a number of ways
1) Kung Pao Kitty has good food and you should eat at their restaurant more often than you do now. (Probably what they meant?)
2) Kung Pao Kitty serves kitty on their menu and they think you should eat more kitty than you do now...
3) Eat More Pussy...
(City of Angels (Los Angeles), California)

Alex Pardee

He demands its own post, so he gets his own post.

This is an Alex Pardee piece i noticed on the side of a store off Melrose Avenue in LA. Enjoy.
(Los Angeles, CA)


Let your mind travel...

West Coast Sunset

Haha Happy Pharmacy will sell you any prescription drug with no prescription. Lots of forgotten nights spent wandering around these streets.
(Downtown Ensenada)

(Puerta Trampa)

Nuclear Explosion anyone?
(Puerta Trampa)
Ensenadas' Top Mexican street hustling team. Nicknamed: Los Bandito's.
I bet theres enough change in that pouch to satisfy even Obama's appetite.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Fruity Fruit

In honor of the recently passed holiday, a couple of photos of some beautiful strains i have come across. Just a fraction of the strains i have tried, but these were especially photogenic.